Freestanding and Built-in Refrigeration

Freestanding Fridges and built in Refrigeration may have the

same  purpose but it has very different needs. Our team is made up of highly trained technicians capable of addressing those needs. We will connect your water connection to a current rough in, or if needed we will run a new high grade Pex water line for your new unit. Leveling issues? No problem, our staff is equipped to handle all the issues that arise during install of your Fridge, Freezer or Wine unit.

Panel Ready installation

As specialists in panel ready high end appliances we have the skills required to drill, mount and level your panel ready appliances into

seamless cabinetry to make them disappear. 


Did you know ?

Most custom Kitchen Company installers

will not install custom panels on appliances

and most appliance installers want nothing

to do with cabinetry panels. It was this

scenario that sparked the creation of

Appliance Squad.