Replacing an existing hood? Adding a new one? Need a new hole put in and your contractor wont do it? Ask about our extended services, we have the equipment and know how to properly enlarge or core a new hole in your home for the venting termination and we will install the termination while we are at it!  

Did you know?

Did you know that reducing the Vent size

by 2" can cause a reduction in CFM* by up

to 30% and increase the noise of your

range hood. This has been shown to lead

to less usage because of the frustration 

of the higher noise increasing the potential toxins staying inside the house. 

*CFM or ( Cubic Feet of Air per minute) is the measurement of volume for the amount of air

the range hood unit can ventilate 

from the home 

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Range Hoods
Its the unsung hero of your kitchen! Often overlooked, this little guy can be detrimental to your health and the cleanliness of your cabinetry. Having the right suction to handle not only your cooking style but also your range's power is key. As a company made up of Gas and Hvac techs we know how to get the best performance from your hood